Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tour's almost here!

Last weekend I saw One Direction on friday ( ♥ ) and DI-RECT on Sunday, and I saw Mumford & Sons at the end of March, and I've had the most amazing time at their concerts but this time néxt week we'll be on the train to Munich to see Bon Jovi. (Where One Direction will perform on the day we arrive by the way :o) ) And I really, really can't believe we'll see them again that soon. Or at all. First I thought that had to do with the whole 'Richie situation' but I noticed that when I think about the tour now I'm actually still looking forward to it. A lot. So that's not it. It's just back to the same old: "I can't believe I'll be seeing my heroes again next week!"

I've said this before but every time I see Bon Jovi it feels like a part of me sees them for the first time. I don't know how to explain it but I think it's just because it means so much to me, and whenever I think about it now I know it does but I also forgot how it really feels to see them, to be with them and hear all the songs live. It's going to be so special, no matter what. And I really can't wait. 

It also means though that sometime this week I'll have to stop reblogging Harry Styles pictures on Tumblr (yes I really do that, what even is my life?) to make a 'what to pack for Munich' list and actually start packing. I hate packing, and I'm dreading the train journey to Amsterdam with my suitcase already but o my god, tour time really, réally is coming now! One week and counting. ♥

love xx

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